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Hello Barako :)

That was a nice and fun game :)

My play time is 4H13 before the last battle


Cool! Thank you very much! It was my first completed RPG Maker game, so it means alot!

How did you get 4H 13M though... Did you grind, or did I seriously underestimate the time?

That is a good question :) There is about 30 minutes that I did not do much because I was busy with something else at the same time then the remaining time I spent walking around to check npc's and such and kind of grinding yes to get all the strongest weapons and armors, I was lvl 17. I do not think I could have done it in one hour thought.


Huh, guess I was wrong then lol. Guess creating the game means I play through it way, way faster. Maybe I should change the tag line...

Thanks for the feedback!

 We all play a game at our own pace, I like to explore and usually talking to every npc :)

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Wow! Thanks for playing my game!