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Hi Barako :)

I could not go far but that was nice to play :)

I got myself  a controller for computer and this is the first time I am trying it,

It seems I had to use up and down instead of left and right but It is probably either the controller or the computer being weird :)


Awww that sucks. It's pretty tough without a controller, lol I can't get past the third level without it.  

It's sad how you couldn't finish it. Which level did you get to? It's apparently a pretty tough game, you're not the first person to say it's too hard. I have to really get a playtester to test my games so people not familiar with my games can play them and finish them. 

That's strange about your controller.  Have you tried a program like joy to key to change your keys around? Otherwise I gotta have an option to change keys.

Anyway, thank you for playing, and your kind words!

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You probably will laugh,  I only went as far as the second guy with the gun,  if they are crouching it is difficult to hit them and have the others attacking me at the same time. 😅 I am not really made for action games.

I do not know what is up with my controller,  maybe it is bad because it was cheap? no idea, 


Nah I won’t laugh. Again, it’s not just you who it’s too hard for, you’re not alone.  In the sequel I’m gonna add ranged attacks and the ability to double jump and jump on enemies, with probably more health as well so it’s not so overwhelming to the player.

 Anyway, again, thank you for playing! Your feedback really, really has helped me a lot Anwynn!

Glad this can help you in any way :)