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Reizt and his friends are freelance adventurers, clearing out a mine of monsters for the temperamental farmer Mr McGregor. 

But descending upon the lower levels of the mine, they find a mysterious red orb. 

Reizt greedily clasps the orb in his hands, but it happens to be cursed! So begins the adventure of a lifetime!

- Massive cast of characters to recruit. 18 characters each with their own separate move sets.

- Open ended skill learning system with over 150 unique skills to learn! 

- Randomized loot system with over 150 unique equipment to collect and customise your characters with! 

- Each equipment can also be upgraded! No simply throwing out weaker equipment for stronger equipment!

- 72 types of enemies!

- Huge amount of secrets!


Eye of Vyrius DEMO 1.2.rar 405 MB


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going live with ya game.